Why are we doing this for free?

Blame our messianic complex.

On a serious note, SIEGEN SOLUTIONS, the founding team behind Unliversity, has always been passionate in helping Filipinos find a job in the BPO & Tech industries. This is the reason why our initial courses are focused on the BPO and Tech industries. New courses aimed for solo-preneurs and online marketers will soon be launched.
Providing a free learning platform makes us more effective in fulfilling our mission to transform many lives through meaningful work and stable employment. We work hand in hand with self-propelled individuals like you who want to grow your career and small business.

By the way, we designed the courses differently.

So you can easily learn and level up!

  • COURSES that can help you grow a career or business

    We are starting with BPO job prep and online selling courses but we have a lot of new courses in the pipeline to help you grow your career or small business!

  • Designed to be effective

    To ensure that UNLIVERSITY courses are EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT, we designed super compact lessons.

  • Made by humans, not programs

    Our team is comprised of recruitment specialists, creative professionals, marketing experts and seasoned businessmen. We collaborate to design and iterate courses regularly.

  • Constant research

    We’re forever finding fresh ways to help people upskill. Our team continuously discovers recruitment requirements, pre-employment exams, mental models, and business tools.

  • 100% Free

    UNLIVERSITY is free of charge to you. But it’s still a business – albeit a socially-focused one. We make our money through advertising, recruitment and grants.

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